Rights of way improvement plan


The consultation on the draft 2018 to 2028 Rights of Way Improvement Plan is now closed.

​What is the improvement plan for?

The approved Northamptonshire Rights of Way Improvement Plan was published on Tuesday 20 November 2007. It shows what we intend doing to improve the quantity and quality of access to the countryside over the next few years.

As well as a detailed action plan, the document explains how public rights of way and access routes fit in with other important strategies such as the local transport plan, growth strategies, the healthy lifestyle agenda and agri-environment schemes.

We are currently working on a new Rights of Way Improvement Plan for 2018 onwards which will be taken forward for consultation and approval shortly.  In the interim period we are continuing to work to the Rights of Way Improvement Plans above.

Rights of Way problems

We are always happy to receive your comments on any problems or obstructions on Rights of Way so we can continue to provide routes for people to enjoy.

To report or track a problem on a right of way, please use our Street Doctor system.