Seasonal byway restrictions

​Northamptonshire County Council have made permanent Traffic Regulation Orders to prohibit the driving of any horse drawn vehicle or motor vehicle (except motor cycles) from 1st October to 31st December and 1st January to 30th April inclusive each year

During these times the routes will remain open for walkers, cyclists, equestrians and motorcyclists.

The Orders are required to prevent damage to the surface of the byways from vehicular use during the winter months.

​Parish/Town​Byway or road ref
​Local route name
​Effective date
​Link to notice
Link to map​
​Banbury Lane​01/10/2015SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)​Map (PDF 463KB)
​Aldwincle​MC17​01/10/2015​ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)Map PDF 704KB)
​Aynho & Kings Sutton​AB15 AS32​01/10/2015SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)Map (PDF 160KB)
​Barby​EC23​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)Map (PDF 28KB)
​Barnwell​MF15​Gibbet Lane​01/10/2015ENC Order ​(PDF 2.08MB)​Map PDF 74KB)
​Benefield​MG24​01/10/2015​ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)​Map (PDF 52KB)
​Bozeat​TA16​01/10/2015WBC Order (PDF 1.19MB)Map PDF 255KB)
​Brington​CF8​01/10/2015​DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)​Map (PDF 279KB)
​Catesby & Badby​EH19 EB19​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)​Map (PDF 145KB)
​Clopton​MN8​Gibbet Lane​01/10/2015​ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)Map PDF 74KB)
​Cottesbrooke​CL4​The Green Lane​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)Map (PDF 180KB)
​Dodford​EN12​01/10/15DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)  ​Map (PDF 171KB)
​Ecton​TE9​01/10/2015WBC Order (PDF 1.19MB)
Map (PDF 208KB)
​Elkington & Winwick​EP15 FM7​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)​Map (PDF 85KB)
​Farthinghoe​AM39​Green Lane​01/10/2015SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)Map (PDF 57KB)
​Flore​Unclassified Rd​01/10/2015​DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)Map (PDF 279KB)
​Grendon & Strixton​TF15 TS4​01/10/2015​WBC Order (PDF 1.19MB)Map (PDF 123KB)
​Hackleton​KM56​01/10/2015SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)Map (PDF 36KB) 
​Harringworth​NB27​01/10/2015​ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)Map (PDF 110KB)
​Kelmarsh & Haselbech​CZ6 CV3​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)​Map (PDF 87KB)
​Lamport​DA14​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)Map (PDF 108KB)
​Lamport & Old​DA11 DF12​01/10/2015​DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)Map (PDF 135KB)
​Luddington​NK2​Gibbet Lane​01/10/2015ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)Map (PDF 74KB)
​Maidwell​DB16​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)Map (PDF 169KB)
​Moreton Pinkney​AV23​Banbury Lane​01/10/2015​SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)Map (PDF 463KB)
​Nassington​NM32 NM40​01/10/2015ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)Map (PDF 99KB)
​Nassington​NM34​01/10/2015ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)​Map (PDF 138KB)
​Newnham​EZ17​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)​Map (PDF 171KB)
​Northampton​HW42​01/10/2015NBC Order (PDF 1.08MB)​Map (PDF 155KB)
​Pilton​NN9​01/10/2015ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)Map (PDF 59KB)
​Tansor & Ashton​NV9 ME9​01/10/2015ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)Map (PDF 87KB)
​Thurning​NY13​Gibbet Lane​01/10/2015ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)​Map (PDF 74KB)
​Titchmarsh​NZ19​01/10/2015ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)​Map (PDF 40KB)
​Upper Heyford​Unclassified Rd​01/10/2015SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)Map (PDF 228KB)
​Walgrave​DT15​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)Map (PDF 201KB)
​Wappenham & Abthorpe​SC43 RA24​10/10/2015SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)​Map (PDF 170KB)
​Weston and Weedon Lois​SD3201/10/2015
​SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)Map (PDF 463KB)
​Weston and Weedon Lois​SD33​01/10/2015SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)Map (PDF 463KB)
​Weston and Weedon Lois​SD34​01/10/2015​SNC Order (PDF 2.06MB)Map (PDF 463KB)
​Winwick & Cold Ashby​FM8 CK6​01/10/2015DDC Order (PDF 2.14MB)​Map (PDF 96KB)
​Wollaston​TV16​01/10/2015​WBC Order (PDF 1.19MB)Map (PDF 255KB)
​Woodnewton​PF12​01/10/2015​ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)​Map (PDF 138KB)
​Yarwell​PG14​01/10/2015ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)Map (PDF 99KB)
​Yarwell & Nassington​PG15 NM33​01/10/2015​ENC Order (PDF 2.08MB)Map (PDF 94KB)