Register of Land Charges

What is the register?

The Register of Local Land Charges contains details of all local land charges registered against a property. The Register consists of matters of outstanding liability for road and other financial charges, home improvement grants, tree preservation orders and other notices of restriction or prohibition on a parcel of land, either to secure the payment of a sum of money or to limit the use of the said property.

It is a statutory requirement that all Local Authorities within England and Wales compile, maintain and regularly update their Local Land Charges Register.

The register is held by district and borough councils.

What is a local land charge?

  • Charges securing the payment of money that arise under the Public Health Acts, Building Act or similar statutes, and any financial charge acquired by a local or water authority or sewerage undertaker.
  • The area covered by us falls under the remit of three water authorities: Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water and Thames Water. To find out specifically which authority is responsible for the water for your property go to the Drainage and Water Enquiry website
  • Any sum recoverable by a local authority from successive owners or occupiers of the land in respect of which the sum is recoverable.
  • A prohibition or restriction on the use of land imposed by a local authority or a Minster of the Crown or government department binding on successive owners of the land.
  • Any positive obligation affecting land enforceable by a Minister of the Crown, government department or local authority under a covenant or agreement made after 1st August 1977 and binding on successive owners of the land.
  • Any charge or matter expressly made a local land charge by a statutory provision.