Asset management policy and strategy

​The Northamptonshire highway network continues to grow year-on-year and we constantly look to refine and improve how we manage the highway assets to develop maintenance strategies which balance the demand on the network, available maintenance funding and public expectation.

The importance of establishing and practising a sound approach to asset management is recognised by the Department for Transport.

The Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme was established to assist local authorities with managing assets. More recently future highways funding allocations will reflect how well a local authority practices asset management.

The Highway Asset Management Policy and Strategy document is supplemented by other key documents including the Highway Network Management Plan and the Northamptonshire Transport Plan.

The Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan supports Northamptonshire County Council's corporate objectives including:

  • contributing to and increasing the well-being of our citizens, and
  • making Northamptonshire a great place to live and work through creating and maintaining safe, inclusive and functional highways.

Download the documents to find out more: