Electric vehicles

The number of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles in the UK is growing rapidly. Each of the major car manufacturers now have full electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to meet demand.

Ultra Low Emission Vehicles have lower emissions of nitrogen dioxide and particulates compared to petrol and diesel engines, so have the potential to significantly improve air quality in our towns.

One of the key barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles is range anxiety due to the lack of a comprehensive charging network. This is particularly the case for those who are unable to charge at home because they live in housing with no, or limited access to off-street parking.

Providing support for the uptake of low and zero emissions vehicles, as well as other environmentally friendly transport such as walking, cycling and public transport forms a key part of the Northamptonshire Climate Change Strategy.

Further information on electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging can be found on the Smart Move Northamptonshire website.

Find your nearest Electric Vehicle charging point

We would also like to hear your views on where charge points should be provided in the future. We are particularly interested in suitable on-street locations.

Request an Electric Vehicle charging point

Registering your interest is not an assurance that your street will get a charge point, but we will consider every resident's request and use the information we gather to help inform an Electric Vehicle Strategy for Northamptonshire, and to feed into future funding bids.