Northamptonshire Strategic Transport Model

The purpose of the Northamptonshire Strategic Transport Model is to inform the Local Development Framework Core Strategy. It is also used to assess individual development proposals and highway infrastructure schemes.

Some of the contents on this webpage is not accessible, this is due to the documents being created prior to September 2018.

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The Northamptonshire Strategic Transport Model (NSTM)has been constructed as a strategic model covering Northamptonshire and as a multi-modal transport model capable of assessing the impacts of future changes in journey patterns within Northamptonshire.

A short non-technical summary of how the model has been built and how it is used is available below:

A major update of the model was completed in 2017 based on more recent data. The most recent Local Model Validation Report for the updated model is available below:

The previous reports produced for the model (known as NSTM1) can be downloaded below: