Country parks and places of interest

Northamptonshire has 6 country parks to explore which are open all day every day with free entry. Parking charges may apply.

Visit Northamptonshire's Country Parks website for information on the 6 different country parks.

Check your local borough council website for additional information about local parks and playgrounds:

Historic houses and gardens

There are many beautiful historic houses and gardens in Northamptonshire, including the National Trust’s Canons Ashby House which is set in beautiful 18th century gardens.

View a list of the different historic houses at Visit Northamptonshire.

Norman Castles

Northampton was once home to one of the most famous Norman castles in England. Friends of Northampton Castle provide information and maps of where the castle once stood and offer walking tours at heritage events.

Journey planning apps

Journey planning apps are great for getting out and about, whilst providing A to B walks if you have a specific destination, informing you of the best possible route and how long it will take. If you fancy a more circular route, just type in where you are and how long you want to walk for and the app will do the rest.

Walkit and Plotaroute are two available apps.

More information

For information on more undiscovered walking routes, visit Walking In England.