Types of walking

Northampton is historically known for its shoe making, so it’s only fitting that we touch on the fantastic walks around our county. With forest, woodland and canal​ towpaths there is a walk to suit any age and any ability.

Park and stride

Some schools arrange park and stride drop off points, for example at a local shop or a leisure centre, where you can park up and walk your child the rest of the way to school. Not only does this give you and your child a quick burst of fresh air and light exercise in the morning, it also reduces congestion at the school gates, parking related stress and the likelihood of an accident.

Urban walking

Urban walking includes walking to work, to school, to the shops and general getting yourself from A to B.

By stomping the streets we are keeping our carbon footprint to the bare minimum, taking in the fresh air and keeping our minds and hearts healthy. The urban walker is more likely to notice the changes taking place within the urban environment and less prone to the stresses and anxieties of overcrowded public transport and congested roads. It’s very easy to keep a change of shoes in a small bag! So next time you go to get in your car, first of all think, can I walk it?

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Nordic walking

Nordic walking is an enhancement of walking. By using specially designed walking poles and a technique that ensures they are planted behind the body as a means of propulsion, Nordic Walking becomes a gentle but effective way to work the whole body. Northamptonshire Sport provides Nordic Walking courses for beginners, leading up to joining a regular group.

How to walk safely

Make sure to wear sensible clothing, carry bottled water with you and ensure you are noticeable to fellow walkers, cyclists or road users. Wearing a high visibility vest will help to make you more noticeable. When discovering a new walk it is always beneficial to be aware of your route, especially in the months where the evenings draw in early. Always cross roads safely by using pedestrian crossings where possible and remember to think, stop, look and listen.

Northamptonshire County Council has produced a series of short walks leaflets and maps for each of the districts in Northamptonshire. There are also county paths maps for those wanting a more strenuous route.