08 September 2020
The online programme aims to help every school in the county prevent bullying and improve student wellbeing.

27 schools in Northamptonshire have received an Anti-Bullying Alliance accreditation as part of Northamptonshire County Council’s partnership with the ABA All Together Programme.

The online programme aims to help every school in the county prevent bullying and improve student wellbeing by training school staff to become leaders in anti-bullying practices, and make long-lasting change.

When schools achieve the award they get a gold, silver or bronze status, which demonstrates they are doing everything they can as a school to support children, parents and staff if a young person is being bullied.

Among the schools to receive the accreditation are Briar Hill Primary School, Bridgewater Primary School, Compass Primary, Corby Technical School, Grange Primary, Greens Norton CE Primary, Irthlingborough Junior School, Irthlingborough Nursery and Infant, Kingsthorpe College Secondary, Oakway Primary, The Bliss Charity School, The Ferrers School, Trinity CE Primary School, Wollaston Primary and Secondary School and Rushden Academy.

Campion school and Language College were awarded a gold accreditation in March 2020.

Steve King, Designated Safeguarding Lead at Campion School, said: "The ABA award process was really helpful to us to look at our anti-bullying work to date. It helped us realised we did a lot, but there was more we could do.

"The student survey was very powerful as was the involvement of governors and parents. Having now achieved the gold award, I am proud our work has been recognised and thoroughly recommend the programme."

This year's programme will take place virtually and includes a school transformation plan to improve student wellbeing, with a special focus on reducing bullying of disabled children and those with special educational needs (SED).

Northamptonshire County Council online safety officer Simon Aston, said: "The initiative is a great opportunity for schools to improve their wellbeing and take a look at their current anti-bullying practice with an outlook to instil important long-term change.

"Schools will gain access to an online hub where they can communicate with parents, review anti-bullying practices, and create an action plan that is tailored to their needs."