13 July 2017

​Northamptonshire County Council and Olympus Care Services are launching a campaign to recruit more carers as part of a drive to get patients out of hospital faster,

Like many areas in the country, Northamptonshire faces a challenge in terms of bringing down its rate of delayed discharges from hospital.

Carers needed

A campaign has now been launched to recruit more Short Term Assessment and Reablement Team (START) and Crisis Response Team (CRT) carers to enable the timely discharge of patients from hospital.

Research shows that patients can recover more effectively in the familiar surroundings of their own home or a care facility where they can better regain their confidence and independence.

START carers support patients when they are discharged from hospital by putting services in place to help them regain their independence in their own home, while CRT carers can arrange support to people after an accident at home, such as a fall, to avoid a hospital admission where possible.

Discussions are also underway to provide a number of additional assessment beds in the county, where patients can be transferred out of hospital while they await a needs assessment to establish what support they might need in their home.

County council cabinet member for adult social care Cllr Bill Parker said: “There are many complex reasons why patients may remain in hospital for longer than they absolutely need to.

“The measures we are introducing should help us in our work with health partners to address the county’s rate of delayed discharges from hospital.

“By increasing the number of START and CRT carers we have, we can provide support to enable people to return to their own home and live independently, which is what people tell us they want.

“Our work to increase the number of assessment beds will also mean patients are not stuck in hospital waiting for a care needs assessment and are a step closer to returning home or to an alternative care facility.”

Find out more

START and CRT carers are paid roles within Olympus Care Services, the organisation which delivers adult social care on behalf of the county council. The roles offer competitive terms and conditions and a full training package.

To find out more, call 01604 363692.