30 January 2019

A cabinet meeting to discuss Northamptonshire County Council’s final budget proposals has been moved to Thursday, 14 February.

The Local Government Finance Settlement, which was announced on Tuesday 29, January, revealed the council had been given the ability to increase Council Tax by a further 2% over and above the current 2.99% limit.

The council now requires extra time to discuss and consider the options before finalising budget papers, which will be published on Wednesday, 6 February.

Arrangements for Full Council to discuss the budget on 21 February will remain as they are.

However there will also be an Extraordinary meeting of Full Council on the afternoon of Thursday, 14 February to discuss the local government reorganisation reports.

Leader of the council Cllr Matt Golby said:


“With this news from Government we need more time before the final cabinet papers can be published.

“Moving the date of the meeting to discuss the budget means we will be able to look at the settlement, confirm or adjust our budget accordingly and then publish a final set of proposals to be considered by Cabinet on the 14th.”

Wednesday, 6 February - Budget Cabinet papers published
Wednesday, 6 February – Agenda for Extraordinary Full Council meeting published
Wednesday, 13 February – Agenda for Full Council budget meeting published
Thursday, 14 February (10:00am) – Budget Cabinet meeting
Thursday, 14 February (2:00pm) – Extraordinary Full Council meeting
Thursday, 21 February (10:00am) - Full Council budget meeting