17 July 2020
Relaxed parking enforcement introduced during the covid-19 will be relaxed

​Relaxed parking enforcement introduced during the covid-19 lockdown is set to revert to normal from Monday 3rd August 2020.

Parking enforcement in both resident permit zones and high density residential areas across Northamptonshire was relaxed during the lockdown due to the government’s advice to work from home where possible resulting in more residents needing to park. 

As more people return to work and even more businesses re-open, parking in these areas on single yellow lines or without a time limit in time-limited bays will no longer be permitted from 3rd August and normal enforcement will resume. 

Permit holders and residents will therefore need to park in accordance with the restrictions in place, as indicated on the signs and lines.

Northamptonshire County Council cabinet member for environment and place Councillor Jason Smithers said: “During the covid-19 lockdown, parking enforcement was focused on supporting keyworkers to carry out their essential duties, as well as helping people to follow the government guidance to stay at home.

“As more people have returned to their place of work residential areas have returned to normal capacity and so it’s no longer necessary to relax these restrictions.

Therefore we will be reverting to the normal enforcement from Monday 3rd August, to keep the county moving, maintain traffic flow and ensure safe routes for all road users.”

More information about parking enforcement is available on the council's website.