20 November 2018

​Northamptonshire County Council’s roadworks have been targeted for completion before the December Christmas work embargo on the highways begins.

Under the embargo, all highways works stop on the county council’s strategic routes to allow for the extra traffic from people going about their Christmas shopping.

This year the embargo starts from Monday, 3 December and will last until Wednesday, 3 January, 2019.

Cllr Ian Morris, county council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said:


“We all know that in the run up to Christmas the amount of traffic on our roads increases enormously as people head to shops all over the county and head towards festive social events.

“Because of this we take a decision each year to stop any planned highways works on major roads as this would make traffic congestion much worse.

“This makes complete sense, not just to people enjoying the run-up to Christmas but to the businesses in the county.”

Some work will still be taking place on minor routes where traffic flows are lighter and work would also take place on major routes in an emergency situation.

People can also use the Smart Move Northamptonshire website to check their route, find parking and bus and train times to help them over the festive period.