13 March 2019
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Smoking related illnesses and diseases account for more deaths annually in Northamptonshire than any other cause and smoking related conditions also contribute to 1,748 out of every 100,000 hospital admissions across the county.

In England 10% of pregnant women smoke, whilst in Northamptonshire, 13% of pregnant women are still smoking at the time of delivery. There are also a higher number of smokers in manual and routine occupations compared with the general population.

As part of a more targeted approach to reduce the numbers of smokers in the county, Public Health’s specialist stop smoking team are carrying out more work in the acute hospitals. One of the most recent pieces of work has been a “Stop before the Op” campaign, aimed at educating smokers in the benefits of quitting prior to undergoing surgery.

The stop smoking team have also been training nurses in brief intervention, with the aim that more smokers are referred to the stop smoking service when patients attend appointments before undergoing surgery.

This year, Public Health Northamptonshire’s stop smoking team will be at Kettering General Hospital (1.30 - 4pm) and Northampton General Hospital Cyber café (11am - 2pm) on No Smoking Day, giving advice to patients, visitors and staff who want to quit smoking.

The stop smoking service provides the following support to smokers

  • Free clinics offering regular support and motivation from trained advisors and specialists

  • Advice on ‘stop smoking’ nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

  • A course of Nicotine Replacement Therapy FREE of charge (If you are eligible for free prescriptions)

  • Direct access to clinics – no need for a GP referral

  • One-to-one support

  • Joint appointments – team up with a partner or friend and stop smoking together

  • Telephone appointment clinics

  • A range of SmokeFree information booklets, leaflets and information

Although you can purchase NRT over the counter, acquiring it through a specialist service and combining it with behavioural support provides the best possible chance of succeeding. Public Health Northamptonshire can provide six weeks of NRT completely free of charge alongside one-to-one behavioural support.

Cabinet member for Health and Wellbeing, Cecile Irving-Swift said:


“You are four times more likely to succeed in quitting smoking with the support of a specialist service such as our public health specialist stop smoking team. Their expertise can make all the difference in a successful quit attempt.”

If you or anyone you know would like support with quitting smoking, call our team today on 0300 126 5700.