23 September 2019
One Angel Square Northampton

People in Northamptonshire are being asked which services they feel are most important to them as the county moves through the process of transforming local services.

The Northamptonshire County Council engagement exercise which starts this week also asks residents to rate the performance of council services and any ideas they have for their improvement.

The process will also be repeated in six-months-time to help better understand people’s views as work continues to transform services.

Cllr Matt Golby, Leader of Northamptonshire County Council, said:


“The next 18 months represent a critical stage for the future of public services in Northamptonshire.

“During this time work will be completed to replace the county’s existing eight councils with two new unitary authorities.

“In order for this to be a success it is essential that those services we currently provide are placed on a firmer financial footing to make sure the two new unitary councils don’t inherit the significant issues we face.

“This needs to happen before the new councils are created to make sure they start life with transformed, affordable services and a balanced budget.

“To help us in this work we want people’s views on what they consider to be the priorities. We want to know what services people feel are most important to them, their families and communities, how services are rated and what improvements could be made.”

The survey closes at midnight on Sunday, October 20.

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