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Two young ladies sat on chairs in the park socially distanced

Today, the second part of step one of the Government’s four step plan to emerge from lockdown begins.

29 March 2021

Male and female socially distanced sitting on a bench

Public Health officials implore residents to ‘apply common sense’ when restrictions are eased as Northamptonshire’s COVID-19 cases show a slight increase for the second consecutive week.

26 March 2021

Person wearing medical gloves holding a lateral flow testing device

Since testing for COVID-19 first became available in Northamptonshire in May last year, the range and volume of testing sites has increased significantly.

26 March 2021

Child outside with two adults holding hands

Children’s services in Northamptonshire are continuing to improve despite the recent challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic

24 March 2021

Microphone on a stand

Northants Now is a new podcast series from Northamptonshire County Council and Public Health Northamptonshire. Each episode offers advice and support on a range of public health and wellbeing issues for Northamptonshire residents.

24 March 2021

car in a household waste recycling centre

Three of the county’s household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) will temporarily open for an additional day - on Mondays - to help cater for the current increased usage seen during the pandemic.

23 March 2021

NCC remembers first lockdown

Today, Tuesday 23 March marks the anniversary of the UK’s first Covid lockdown. In recognition of this, Marie Curie has organised a National Day of Reflection to remember those who have died in the pandemic and to support those who have been bereaved.

23 March 2021

Stay at home in letters

As Northamptonshire’s COVID -19 cases show a slight increase, Public Health officials issue a stern reminder to residents to stay at home until March 29 and strictly follow the guidance when at work, school, out for essential shopping or exercise

19 March 2021

North Northamptonshire Logo

The North Northamptonshire Shadow Authority today launched an initial version of the new website for North Northamptonshire Council and is offering residents the opportunity to explore it and provide feedback.

17 March 2021