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Woman weraing a face mask and sanatising her hands with gel

Public Health officials are pleased with progress but remind residents that to ensure the trend continues, they must stay at home until further lifting of lockdown measures on 29 March.

12 March 2021

cigarette being snapped in two

Wednesday the 10th of March is No Smoking Day, and to mark the event local Tobacco Control leaders are highlighting the importance of keeping smoking out of the home.

10 March 2021

Back to school written on a chalk board

Today, the first step of the Government’s four step plan to emerge from lockdown begins.Step one consists of two parts, the first of which begins today with the return of students to schools, colleges and some practical based university courses

08 March 2021

Doctor wearing PPE in a hospital ward

Public Health officials are reminding Northamptonshire’s residents that ‘lockdown continues until 29 March’ and to ‘stay at home and follow current government guidelines’ until then.

26 February 2021

woman wearing face mask

Public Health officials praise Northamptonshire’s residents for staying at home, protecting the NHS and saving lives as COVID-19 cases continue to display a steady drop during national lockdown.

12 February 2021

New COVID-19 Vaccination Centre to open in Northamptonshire

The NHS in Northamptonshire is further expanding its capacity to vaccinate local people against COVID-19 with the opening of the county’s new dedicated Vaccination Centre.

25 January 2021

COVID-19 cases remain extremely high across Northamptonshire

This week’s surveillance report, an analysis of the county’s recent coronavirus cases and rates over the period 11-17 January 2021, shows 3,643 residents have tested positive.

22 January 2021

Lateral Flow Device Testing Launches in Northamptonshire

Two new community COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device Testing Centres have opened in Northamptonshire this week.

21 January 2021

A mutant, more transmittable strain of the coronavirus is causing rapid rates of infection across Northamptonshire

This week’s surveillance report, shows 4,604 residents have tested positive. This figure has doubled in the last month.

15 January 2021