06 November 2017

​People across Northamptonshire are being encouraged to join forces with their neighbours to create an emergency plan.

A survey by Northamptonshire County Council’s emergency planning team and Northamptonshire County Association of Local Councils (CALC) that show that just 48 out of a total 268 parishes across the county have a plan in place outlining what local residents should do in case of emergency.

Community emergency plans cover everything from evacuation meeting points to vulnerable members of the community, and template plans can be downloaded online at our emergencies page.

The county council’s emergency planning team is encouraging communities to be better prepared by making their own plan. The council is also inviting families to make a household emergency plan to encourage them to think about things like evacuation routes, preparing a ‘grab bag’ and emergency contact details in case of a fire, flood or other emergency in the home.

Cllr André Gonzalez de Savage, county council cabinet member public protection, strategic infrastructure and economic growth, said: “Emergency situations such as severe flooding, heavy snow, prolonged power failure and fire are thankfully very rare – but they do happen. That’s why we recommend that all communities have an emergency plan in place to help them prepare for a worst case scenario.

“These plans can be put together by a parish council or a group of local residents and they can be used to document evacuation plans, list any local skills or expertise that could be useful in an emergency, note any vulnerable local residents who would need assistance in an emergency and include useful emergency contact information.

“I’d delighted that see that 48 communities in Northamptonshire already have an emergency and flood plan in place and I would encourage others to think about doing the same.”

Residents can get help and advice on creating their community or household emergency plan at our emergencies page or by emailing us at EmergencyPlanning1@northamptonshire.gov.uk.

Northamptonshire CALC is also holding two workshops in January for parish and town councils about how to create a community plan. For more information on the Northamptonshire CALC website. 

People can find out if their community has an emergency plan by using the online interactive map. Residents should select ‘add feature / place’, then in the ‘Environment and Planning’ drop-down menu, choose ‘flood risk’.