31 August 2018

A number of LGSS finance and democratic services staff will return to the direct control of Northamptonshire County Council.

Councillors on the LGSS Joint Committee agreed to the changes at a meeting in Milton Keynes on Thursday (August 30).

A review ordered by Commissioners at the council concluded that at the current time, in the interests of improving financial management, it would be best to place the finance team back in council control.

The review also recommended that as the governance and democratic business management agenda is also facing significant challenges, the Democratic Services team should also be returned to direct council control.

Key aspects of this proposal are:

  • The only officers affected are entirely NCC-facing. Officers who serve multiple local authorities within the LGSS arrangement (such as the integrated finance team) are unaffected.
  • The employees in question are NCC employees and are already on NCC terms and conditions.

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