14 May 2019

The Secretary of State, James Brokenshire has announced his decision for the future of local government in Northamptonshire along with notification of the future of Children's Services in the county.​

The Government has decided that replacing all eight councils in Northamptonshire with two brand new unitary authorities is in the best interests of local residents. One authority will provide services to residents in the west of the county, while the other will provide services in the north of the county.

Furthermore, the Government has also announced Children's Services will become a standalone Trust which will deliver services for these two new unitary authorities across the county.

Two new unitary authorities

These new unitary authorities will be established on 1st April 2021. Services currently provided by the county council and the district and borough councils will be brought together under each of the two new unitary authorities. 

The new Children's Trust will be formed to serve both the authorities and as such will cover the whole county. Further information will be announced in due course.

More efficient services

Leader of Northamptonshire County Council, Cllr Matt Golby, said:  


"This is very welcome news for Northamptonshire and means we can now step up our work in transforming our services to make them fit for the new Unitary Councils.

"The introduction of these new authorities and the Children's Trust is a once in a generation opportunity to recast local government in Northamptonshire to offer residents and communities better, more efficient services and more transparent and accountable governance.

All the Councils are committed to working together and delivering a fully integrated and aligned programme of transformation to ensure we grasp this amazing opportunity for the benefit of all the residents of Northamptonshire.

"I look forward to continuing our work alongside district and borough colleagues to seize this opportunity."