25 August 2020
A wide variety of wildlife - including bees and butterflies - is now exist alongside the road

KierWSP Northamptonshire Highways have recently completed the next phase of a dual carriageway in Northamptonshire as part of the work to improve the link between Northampton and Kettering.

The team from KierWSP and Balfour Beatty have ensured that the local wildlife, fauna and flora were considered every step of the way whilst building the new road.

Following the completion of this stage of the scheme, a wide variety of wildlife - including bees and butterflies - is now existing alongside the road, with the southeast end linking to a local nature reserve.

The ecological mitigation is the result of work by Hayley Percival and the WSP ecology team, in collaboration with colleagues at KierWSP JV on behalf of Northamptonshire County Council.

The county council has outlined a policy to dual the A43 between the junction with the A45 and the A14, and has already made improvements to the Round Spinney roundabout and constructed a section of dual carriageway north of Moulton, which was completed in June.

Hayley Percival, Senior Consultant Ecologist at WSP said: "It's been a challenging journey, and I know I have been a royal pain in the proverbial. Nature does not need much, but when you see it on paper, it’s easily written off and we have fought tooth and nail to ensure that nature has a home and that Northamptonshire Highways have a legacy to be proud of."

Cllr Jason Smithers, county council cabinet member for highways and place, said: "The abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery surrounding Northamptonshire is a cherished part of our county, and indeed crucial to our health and wellbeing.

"This scheme will be of great benefit to many people and I am delighted that we have been able to complete this work while helping nature to flourish. We hope to see more projects like this in the future."