26 July 2017

Northamptonshire County Council will no longer be sending out reminder notices to Blue Badge Holders instructing them to renew their existing badges.

The move is part of cost saving measures as the council continues to meet its ongoing financial challenges.

As before, responsibility for the renewal is with the badge holder, with the expiry date for each badge clearly written on the badge itself.

Renew early

Customers are advised to start the application process for a new badge about eight weeks before the expiry date.

The Blue Badge costs £10 and usually lasts for three years. Information on how to apply can be found on this website or in county libraries.

Cllr Ian Morris, county council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said: "The ongoing financial challenges that the county council faces means that we are constantly looking at new ways in which we can save money.

"The expiry date on the Blue Badges is very clear and so it would be very obvious when a renewal date was approaching.

"There is a significant cost to posting reminders to so many people and in these difficult financial times it makes sense."

Accessible parking

The Blue Badge Scheme, which enables people with severe mobility problems to park closer to where they need to go, is run nationally with Northamptonshire County Council administering the initiative locally.

With more than 30,000 blue badge holders in the county, not issuing renewal letters would save the authority about £17,000 on postage costs alone over a three-year-period.