17 March 2021
North Northamptonshire Logo

The North Northamptonshire Shadow Authority today launched an initial version of the new website for North Northamptonshire Council and is offering residents the opportunity to explore it and provide feedback.

The site is in its public beta phase – meaning it is not yet fully finished but has moved into the final testing and improvement phase. The Shadow Authority is keen for residents to have the opportunity to test it out more widely so any necessary changes can be implemented ahead of the official launch on 1 April.

The existing websites of the local authorities that make up North Northamptonshire – Corby, East Northamptonshire, Kettering, Wellingborough and Northamptonshire County Council – will continue to operate largely as normal for a while until all their content has been moved across to the new site.

This means most services and transactions will continue to be accessed through these sites, which will be rebranded in line with the new North Northamptonshire Council.

However, further in the future we will work to ensure all services and transactions are carried out on the North Northamptonshire website. To ensure minimal disruption as these changes are implemented, the new site will redirect customers accordingly when necessary to do so until this transition process is complete.

Development of the site will continue until launch day, and feedback can be provided by clicking on the red tab that appears on the right-hand side, regardless of what page you are on.

Cllr Jean Addison, Shadow Portfolio Holder Customer Services, Digital and Transformation, said:


The new North Northamptonshire Council's website will go live at the beginning of April and will provide an important route for local residents and businesses to access the new Council's services. We are pleased to offer our residents the opportunity to test this brand-new website.

Work continues to make the site fully functional ready for the start of April 2021. This is a great opportunity for us to let people take a look and give constructive feedback as we move closer to the official launch."

Visit the North Northamptonshire Council Beta website