02 June 2020
The Covid-19 information will form a diary for future generations to learn from.

​Northamptonshire County Council's Archives and Heritage Service is looking to collect material that reflects the impact the Covid-19 emergency has had on the organisations, communities and people of Northamptonshire.

The information will form a diary for future generations to learn from, and feature experiences of people in lockdown, stories from local keyworkers and how Northamptonshire companies tuned their skills to help with Covid-19 crisis.

The service is asking for help to record and collect this information and would like Northamptonshire residents to create a record or diary of their thoughts, feelings and daily activities during the coronavirus pandemic, and any changes they have noticed in their community.

Holding over 800 years of Northamptonshire's history, the free service is home to a vast collection of documents, drawings, maps and photographs, as well as records including family trees and local history research, which are all available to the public.

County Council Deputy Leader Lizzy Bowen said: "The Northamptonshire Archives and Heritage Service holds an amazing range of fascinating documents, covering all aspects of life in our county.

"This diary will describe an unprecedented yet important time in our history, and share our unique experiences and the way we came together to handle the pandemic as a county.

"We want as many people as possible to get involved in the project as it’s a wonderful way to preserve our local knowledge for future generations."

To take part or find out more, please visit the Northamptonshire Archives and Heritage Service website.