14 July 2020
Northamptonshire Sport’s ‘Find a Club’ function helps families browse all manner of local activities over summer holidays

Northamptonshire Sport is supporting local families over the summer holidays by making it easier to browse and find a wide range of local clubs and activities near them.  

The ‘Find a Club’ function on the Northamptonshire Sport website acts as a directory of local activities, clubs, and team sports that the user can browse according to their location, making it easier for parents to consider every option, all in one place.

In addition, local clubs, schools and organisations can sign up to the website for free and use the ‘Find a Club’ function to publicise any activities they are hosting over the coming months, whether that be sports, crafts, drama, or any other activity for youngsters to take part in.

The directory includes all and any activities that have a positive impact on health, wellbeing and social interaction, thereby supporting children in keeping active during the summer, while also helping to promote local teams, clubs and businesses.

Chris Holmes, Director of Northamptonshire Sport, said: “Now more than ever - after three months of lockdown and many weeks off school for the majority of youngsters - it’s of paramount importance that children get the opportunity to interact with one another regularly and take part in something they really enjoy.

“Likewise, local clubs and organisations need help getting back on their feet now that lockdown is starting to lift. Provided that they’re able to carry out summer activities while following central government guidelines, we’re more than happy to give them a platform that helps promote what they have to offer.

“We hope the function provides benefits on both sides, for families looking for summer activities, and for organisations that need some support after what has been a very difficult time for the country.”

For those organisations looking to include or focus specifically on Physical Activity within their summer programme, Northamptonshire Sport also has grants of up to £1,000 available to support the provision of activities for young people. This funding is specifically aimed at groups disproportionately affected by the coronavirus pandemic and closes on the 22nd July 2020.

One of 43 Active Partnerships across England, Northamptonshire Sport is a partnership of local and national organisations, working together to get people in Northamptonshire ‘More Active, More Often’.

The Northamptonshire Sport Core Team is hosted by Northamptonshire County Council and its activities are funded through Sport England Lottery grant and by local and national partners.​