08 January 2019

People are being asked to speak and ask questions about any area of Northamptonshire County Council’s draft budget at an extra scrutiny committee meeting later this month.

The council has just started a series of internal working groups with councillors that will culminate in a budget scrutiny review report being prepared.

The purpose of the extra meeting is to act as a wrap-up session to finalise the report however councillors welcome the public join in with this process.

The first hour of this wrap-up meeting will let people have their say. The session sits alongside the opportunity they already have to engage in the budget consultation process.

The meeting will take place at County Hall on Wednesday, 23 January at 10:00am and anyone who wants to speak has up to 24 hours before the date of that meeting to register or submit questions.

The usual public speaking protocol would apply in that it would need to be a question related to the draft budget and members of the public would be given up to three minutes to speak at the discretion of the committee chairman.

Anyone who wishes to speak should contact Democraticservices@northamptonshire.gov.uk to register.