13 July 2017
Silverstone racetrack

While Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel battle it out on the racetrack this weekend – behind the scenes the F1 British Grand Prix will be the setting for the trialling of the latest Bluetooth traffic sensor technology which will help manage traffic travelling to and from Silverstone Circuit.

Northamptonshire County Council is deploying the sensors at the event car parks and on the surrounding roads so that live information will be captured on car park occupancy and travel journey times on approach routes.

The information can then be used by event managers who have control of data, VMS signs and static signs around the site to help manage congestion.

The project is part oneTRANSPORT, which is a collaborative research and development initiative that looks at how transport data from different sources can bring various benefits, including environmental and economic advantages.

The county council’s role in oneTRANSPORT includes leading on how traffic data could be used to support a major event – with the example chosen being the F1 British Grand Prix.

Cllr Ian Morris, county council cabinet member for transport, highways and environment, said:


“Huge benefits can be gained by bringing together transport data in one place.

“The British Grand Prix attracts some 400,000 visitors over the race weekend, so to be able to use technology to help manage traffic flows is a huge advantage.

“However this is just the start. We will use what we find from the project this weekend to see how the measures can be used to help major event planning elsewhere.”

The oneTRANSPORT project is funded by INNOVATE UK and sees the county council working with other local authorities and other organisations including from the academic and private sector.

The Grand Prix transport project ties in with the Smart Commuter initiative which is currently being developed by the county council. The aim is to use technology to provide the public with real-time traffic information for Northampton to help them make more informed choices on their journeys.

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