27 September 2018

​Help is at hand for smokers in Northamptonshire looking to kick the habit this October, as the seventh annual Stoptober campaign begins.

This year’s Stoptober event launched on Thursday 20 September and runs until the end of October, with the focus on “quitting with support”. Since launching in 2012, Stoptober has driven over 1.7 million quit attempts nationwide.

In Northamptonshire, 16.3% of the population still smoke, which although similar to the England average (15.5%) could still be lower! Last year, almost 2,000 people successfully quit smoking with the support of the Northamptonshire Stop Smoking Service.

Accessing local support

This year, Northamptonshire’s Stop Smoking team will be in the Grosvenor Centre on Monday 1 October and Tuesday 2 October from 10am - 4pm, offering support and advice to members of the public who are looking to quit smoking.

The specialist stop smoking team state that one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to quit smoking is the incorrect use of nicotine replacement products, which is something the team can offer you advice and support with. The team are supported by a range of local providers, including GP practices, pharmacies and vape stores across the county.

Cllr Cecile Irving-Swift, Cabinet member for Public Health and Wellbeing said:


  “Studies show that if you can stop smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to quit for good. By accessing our specialist support during this period, you are more likely to achieve a successful quit attempt”.

Research shows that smokers are four times more likely to quit smoking successfully with a combination of stop smoking medication and specialist support.

For smokers in Northamptonshire looking to quit successfully or to find more localised support, the specialist stop smoking team can be contacted on 0300 126 5700 during weekdays or using the email smokefree@firstforwellbeing.co.uk