25 June 2019
One Angel Square, Northampton

Adult Social Services in Northamptonshire are out-performing national and regional performance targets across key areas of activity according to new provisional performance figures.

The latest set of figures from the national Adult Social Care Outcome Framework (ASCOF) show Northamptonshire County Council’s services are outstripping national or regional averages in 14 of the 20 areas of social work where comparable data is available

The reported quality of life for people using social services, the proportion of those who feel safe and secure and the numbers of customers not requiring further hospital treatment after receiving reablement services, are all areas where Northamptonshire exceeds national or regional averages.

Cabinet member for Adult Social Services Cllr Ian Morris said:


“This is further evidence of solid performance in adult social care in the county. This is made even more impressive when we look at the increases in demand for these services and the fact that such strong performance was delivered at the same time as significant financial savings being made.

“I think we can all be encouraged that making financial savings through more efficient ways of working and more targeted investments lead to increased performance and not a degradation of service which people feared.

“Of course we can never be complacent. While we have halved the instances of delayed discharges from hospital we know that this is still a key priority for the whole health and social care system. We know we are moving forward in the right way and improving outcomes for those people who use our services but we must keep up the momentum."


In addition to the 14 areas which are out performing national or regional averages the performance results also throw a spotlight on six areas which trail these benchmarks.

These include the proportion of carers receiving direct payments, the proportion of people with a learning disability in employment and living in their own home or with their family.

Cllr Morris said: “These are areas where we are increasing our focus. Our Learning Disability Strategy look specifically at better outcomes for people particularly regarding their accommodation and employment opportunities.

"I have every confidence that as we continue our transformation to make services better equipped for the future we will continue to see strong performance in those areas in which we already lead the pack, and strong improvement in those areas currently requiring further work.”