22 March 2017
Mother's day

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and we’d like to thank all our fantastic adoptive and foster mums for everything they are doing to give our county’s children and young people the life the deserve.

As a new adoptive family, this year is Tracey and Emily’s first Mother’s Day where they will be celebrating becoming mums themselves to two brothers. During their nine months as mum and mummy they have made a whole host of memories and are looking forward to being spoilt by their boys on Sunday.

Emily said: “Being parents ourselves on Mother’s Day is really special. We are celebrating as three generations of mothers, and having the boys has given us the opportunity to really feel a part of that. We are both really honoured to be their mums.

Adopting siblings

“We’ve always wanted a family of our own with more than one child so adopting siblings together felt like a great thing to be able to do. We both value our relationships with our own sisters and wanted our children to have the same opportunity.

“Having each other made it a much easier experience for them to move in. They had each other for comfort at a time that can be quite traumatic and they both really love each other, it’s so lovely to see. They’ve always got a playmate on hand which has made it easier for us as parents too.

“We knew it would be challenging, and thankfully we had prepared ourselves well for the new stage in our lives and we expected the happy times to maybe come a bit further down the line. We had lots of info about the boys’ individual needs and particularly in terms of behaviour, we were expecting a tough time.

“But the experience was better than we had ever imagined. There were some really tough times at the start, but it always felt worth it. The boys have given us more than we could’ve imagined, and we both feel so lucky to be their mum and mummy.

New experiences

“Any new experience we share with the boys is so rewarding even nine months on. A few weeks after they moved in we took them swimming, it was their first time in a pool and seeing their unabated joy, I just knew I wanted to see that in their faces forever. It was the first time I knew I loved them. And whenever they say ‘I love you’ it always stops me in my tracks.

Adopting as a same sex couple

“As a same sex couple, we weren’t sure what to expect going into the adoption process. We are confident in ourselves and have a really supportive family network, but thought we might be overlooked.

“Thankfully this wasn’t the case at all, the team were so welcoming and everyone we’ve got to know during the process has been great.

“In our prep training there were multiple LGBT couples, single adopters, and different nationalities, and the adoptive parent who shared their experience was part of a same sex couple. The message was really inclusive and supportive of everyone who wanted to become parents.

An incredible experience

“We would wholeheartedly recommend adoption to everyone. Parenthood is wonderful and adoption is an incredible experience.

“Rather than having any preconceptions, just start the process, ask as many questions along the way as you need to. When we told people we were looking to adopt we were surprised how many people we knew had a connection to an adopted person, it really opened us up to a new world!

“Becoming adoptive parents has completely changed our lives! It’s a dream come true for us, the boys are full of life and sharing lots of new experiences with them is wonderful. And it’s not just our lives they have impacted, they are much loved great grandchildren, grandchildren, nephews and cousins as well. Of course we aren’t without our moments, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

There’s over 1000 children and young people in care in Northamptonshire and we have a particular need to find loving adoptive and foster homes for sibling groups and older children.

If you’d like to know more about adoption or fostering, we’d really welcome the chance to talk to you. You can get in touch by:

  • Calling: 0300 126 1009 for fostering or 0300 126 1008 for adoption
  • Enquiring online
  • Texting: ADOPT or FOSTER to 80010

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