12 October 2020

​Northamptonshire County Council, alongside the High Sheriff's office and Lord Lieutenancy has launched its own award scheme as part of the Unsung Heroes initiative, the 'Rose of Northamptonshire' award.

Watch this short video to learn more about the award. 

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Video transcript

Rose of Northamptonshire – 'Talking Heads' video transcript.

Theresa Grant: Here at Northamptonshire County Council we are launching an award. The 'Rose of Northamptonshire'. To recognise those who have worked tirelessly as part of the COVID-19 response effort.

James Saunders Watson: The ongoing pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. While it remains a continuing challenge, we want to take the time to reflect on the hard work and dedication of those people who have kept our communities safe, our businesses open and Northamptonshire together.

Paul Parsons: To help us find these individuals and groups, these unsung heroes, we need your help. If you feel that you know of a deserving recipient, then please submit your nominations online. We're really looking forward to hearing about some of the inspirational work that's been going on, and thanking those responsible.

James Saunders Watson: On behalf of the whole County, to those still dedicated to the pandemic response...Thank you.

Rose of Northamptonshire award

This award will look to identify, and to express thanks to those groups or individuals who have worked tirelessly to keep our communities safe, and our businesses moving during the global COVID-19 crisis.

While the pandemic is still ongoing, the County Council and its Leader, as well as the formal institutions of the High Sherriff's Office and Lord Lieutenancy feel it is important now to recognise that many across the County have committed themselves to response and relief efforts since the beginning of the outbreak. The award will seek to highlight those in every sector and locality of the County that have played a key role.

Nominations are open to the public, and we want to hear your stories. If you feel you know of a group or an individual that has gone above and beyond to help others during the pandemic, then we'd like to know about it. Send in their details and a short explanation as to why you believe they are deserving of an award and we will be in touch.

This award is a great opportunity for all residents of Northamptonshire to show their appreciation and reflect on the hard work done by others. We will be paying visits to winners to present them with their awards and to take a moment to speak to them about what they have been doing during the crisis and the impact it has had.

"There are very many people who during the pandemic have consistently put the needs of others ahead of their own, keeping communities connected and supporting the most vulnerable members of society. The 'Rose of Northamptonshire' awards have been launched so that the people of Northamptonshire can recognise and thank them."

- James Saunders Watson Esq. (Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire)

"With the COVID-19 crisis impacting on so many county-wide it is crucial that we pause to take note of those doing exceptional work that hasn't yet been acknowledged. This award from the public helps put a spotlight on those people and lets them know they have the support of the whole of Northamptonshire"

- Cllr Matthew Golby (Leader of the Council)

Please submit your nominations for anyone you believe deserves county-wide recognition and appreciation.

Submit your nominations