14 August 2018
Library books

Northamptonshire County Council is continuing to work closely with community groups following the judgement of the Judicial Review announced today (Tuesday) relating to proposed changes to the library service.

County council leader Cllr Matthew Golby said: “We are considering today’s judgement very carefully.

“We are pleased that the Judge has recognised that the council’s public consultation and equality impact assessments were indeed lawful, and that she acknowledges the severity of the council’s financial challenge.

“As we announced earlier this month, we had already made a decision to pause the proposed changes to the local library service for further consideration and are continuing to work closely with community groups, partners and interested parties within the wider context of the council’s budget recovery programme.

“The Judge has noted that the county council is continuing these discussions with the community groups. In light of this, she has instructed that the legal parties use their best endeavours to agree all outstanding issues.

“The county council is committed to finding a way forward that is satisfactory and achievable for all parties.”