For corporate sites, always use the corporate colour palette.


Primary theme colour​

The default theme colour is purple: #7f1183. This is the default colour for corporate headers and footers, as well as the button colour for calls-to-action and heading colour for image tiles.

Where a hover colour is used for the corporate purple it should be #6b1556.

Secondary theme colour

The secondary colour for corporate sites is orange: #b65e00. This is used for secondary buttons in forms and can be used a secondary colour on web pages.

Where a hover colour is used for the secondary colour it should be #984e00.

Tertiary colour

If a third colour is needed, this should be grey: #323232. The darker version of this for the hover colour is #232323.

Additional colours

Other colours from the corporate palette can sometimes be used, for example to highlight a section.

Yellow: #ecc200 - this can be used as a background with black or purple as the foreground colour, for example on this page. In this case the hover colour should be white and the background colour of the image tiles needs to match the background of the zone:
yellow background colour

Background colours

Pale grey